Deprecation notice

After 25th of November 2018 this guide isn’t required anymore. We automated all configuration steps and migrated all logic to Visual Traffic, please use this link instead.

If you installed Visual Traffic before, please reinstall it to enable all fresh features.


Please finish this guide before starting current

Grafana and ClickHouse

As first step we need to add a user in ClickHouse with the same password as you use for HTTP authentication for Grafana admin panel. That’s quite misleading but that’s how Clickhouse integration plugin works.

Please open configuration file:

sudo vim /etc/clickhouse-server/users.xml

And then add following into block “users” (replace new_password by your password):

 <networks incl="networks" replace="replace"><ip>::/0</ip></networks>

Apply changes:

sudo service clickhouse-server restart

Add data source in Grafana

Name: Clickhouse
Type: ClickHouse
URL settings: http://localhost:8123
Access: Server

Example configuration:

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