FastNetMon ARM 64 edition

We’re very glad to share experimental availability of our product for ARM 64 (Aarch64) platform.

Known limitations:

  • Support only for Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic.
  • We use MongoDB from Ubuntu 16.04
  • Traffic persistence isn’t supported yet (can be compiled manually)
  • We do not offer ARM64 repository for FastNetMon
  • BGP integration isn’t available yet (can be enabled manually)

You can follow standard process to get free one month trial license and use it for ARM64 edition.

To install ARM64 version, please use this process:

After finishing this step, please download this file (SHA 11f2f7dbd6b13bf37033100c20ce9d872caa72b3) and install it this way:

You also can install full visual graphic stack (InfluxDB and Grafana) using standard install process:

We have pretty good experience with following boards: