By default, FastNetMon tracks only three kinds of speed (packets per second, bytes per second and flows per second) in each direction and export this information to InfluxDB or ClickHouse. But FastNetMon can export much more details. These additional fields require more memory and disk space and we keep them disabled by default.

To enable per-protocol counters (udp, tcp, tcp syn, fragmens) export to InfluxDB or Clickhouse you need to enable following option using command line management tool:

After this, FastNetMon will export bandwidth/speed for following types of traffic for hosts:

Then, to check it, please select one heavy loaded host using fcli:

Output will look like:

Open InfluxDB client:

And enter following commands to retrieve all available counters for specified host:

And InfluxDB will return latest data for all available counters:

You also can retrieve same information for all available networks. For networks FastNetMon export same counters as for hosts excluding flow counters:

Select heavy loaded network:

Example output:

Open InfluxDB client:

And enter following commands:

Example output:

To add per protocol counters to Grafana for each host, please use bundled dashboard “FastNetMon Advanced Traffic for specified host”, click on any graph (“incoming traffic” for example), select “Edit” and select any required traffic type in “SELECT” field.

For per network counters you can use “FastNetMon Advanced networks traffic” as reference.