FastNetMon Community Docker install

Installing FastNetMon into Docker

NB! It’s community contributed code and we do not have any guarantees about images content

You can run docker from pre-built image:

First, get fastnetmon.conf from github, edit it after download.

Now create networks.list. Include all your networks CIDR

Add your whitelist networks:

Now create log files to access them outside container

Downloading image

You can run docker manually to test it, or run from a screen.

In this case we’re mapping IPFIX to container. Replace IPFIX1 and IPFIX2 with your local network interface ip which listen to IPFIX from your routers. You can use only one IPFIX interface or more.

Now you’re inside container. Run

Also you can build your own image using Dockerfile at packages/docker

To send email, we recommend you to use a external and linked postfix container such:

docker pull panubo/postfix

When you link another container with docker other container name will be added to /etc/hosts pointing to its internal IP. So you can use python script notify, instead of bash one.

Just change MAIL_HOSTNAME=”localhost” to MAIL_HOSTNAME=”postfix” if you start fastnetmon docker container with –link postfix:postfix and create another docker instance with panubo/postfix as –name postfix, for example.

A full example of running fastnetmon linked to postfix:

First, you need to create all those files and dirs in main Linux system.