We have big number of awesome addons for FastNetMon. Here you could find most popular plugins. If you want to develop new one just ask us for help! We are open for any cooperation and integration!

Integration between Mitigator product and FastNetMon. Find how to set up it here.
Juniper FastNetMon plug-in by Christian David. Connects to a Juniper router and adds or removes a blackhole rule for an attack by IP address. Find it here.
Exporter for metrics from FastNetMon API to use with Prometheus monitoring by lwlcom. You can find it on GitHub.
Team UkFast developed Web Interface for FastNetMon. It builds on our API. You can find it here.
Dolly Team
Team Dolly implemented their addon to announce blackhole announces to multiple ISPs with custom BGP Blackhole community for each provider. You could find more documents about it here.
A10_networks small
FastNetMon has support for integration with A10 Thunder TPS Appliance. You could read more documents about it here. It was contributed by Eric Chou and Rich Groves from A10 Networks.
FastNetMon has support for Mikrotik Router OS API. You could read more about it here. Contributed by Maximiliano Dobladez from Mkesolutions.net
FastNetMon has support for Slack integration.  You install it from here: GitHub. It was developed by: Ronan Daly.
Awesome notification script for FastNetMon implemented in Python. You could download it from: GitHub Contributor: Roberto Bertó
Original bash powered notification script implemented by Pavel Odintsov. You could download it here: GitHub