The pace of business is accelerating by the day. Companies need to quickly shift gears to meet the evolving expectations of their peers, consumers and stay ahead of industry disruptors. 

One way to do that is to use intelligent and reliable third-party solutions that seamlessly integrate with your ecosystem to quickly deliver value, free you up to focus on your core competencies, and bring down your speed-to-market. FastNetMon is one such solution that can be easily integrated with your DDoS detection equipment.

How can FastNetMon be Integrated With Your DDoS Detection and Mitigation Equipment?

First of all, FastNetMon is a flexible solution that can be set up on-premise or in the Cloud. 

When using FastNetMon as an on-premise solution, you might find yourself facing the following difficulties:

A lack of free space in your server rack

Not enough spare servers to deploy FastNetMon

Deploying FastNetMon to a remote location without adequate computing capacity

You can deploy FastNetMon on embedded industrial computing systems, single-board computers (SBCs), or other embeddable computing platforms in any of these cases.

FastNetMon also features full, first-class support for DDoS detection on ARM 64. In fact, FastNetMon has been optimized for running on this platform without the need for massive amounts of computing capacity. We strongly recommend using the ARM 64 platform for working with protocols such as sFlow, NetFlow, and IPFIX.

You can set up FastNetMon on cloud services that feature ARM 64 support, such as Amazon AWS. With Amazon AWS, you can use their ARM Graviton processor resources to set up FastNetMon. We’ve extensively tested and verified FastNetMon’s support for these platforms without any difficulties.

FastNetMon can also be used with the port mirror protocol, although it, unfortunately, requires higher levels of computing capacity. This solution typically demands using more robust platforms that can be challenging to procure in the current market.

For testing purposes, you can use computing systems that are readily available on the market, such as SBCs, Raspberry Pi, ROCK Pi, ESPRESSObin, MACCHIATObin, etc. This also includes any other platform with ARM 64 support.

We’ve extensively tested FastNetMon with many platforms, such as ROCK Pi, Espresso bean, etc., that use Ubuntu Linux OS. FastNetMon can quickly and easily be set up on these platforms with only the standard installer.

Looking to the future, we are continuously eyeing new opportunities to develop embeddable solutions on Marvel platforms and other systems. We hope to offer FastNetMon users support for these DDoS detection appliances as soon as it’s ready to be launched.

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