MKE Solutions

Website www.mkesolutions.net
Contacts info@mkesolutions.net +54 358 4210029
Coverage Area World
Languages English, Spanish
Services Support IT
Vendors Mikrotik, Ubiquiti, Cisco, Hawei

Case Tecnologia Ltda

Website www.casetecnologia.com.br
Contacts atendimento@casetecnologia.com.br +55 27 4105 1751
Coverage Area Brazil
Languages English, Portuguese
Services Consulting, Monitoring, Outsourcing
Vendors Cisco, Cumulus, Dell, Huawei, Mikrotik, Ubiquiti

Connected Australia Pty Ltd

Website connectedoz.com.au
Contacts support@connectedoz.com.au 07 3063 2903
Coverage Area Australia, New Zealand, United States of America
Languages English
Services IP Transit, IP Peering, Layer 2/3 VPNs, Carrier Aggregation, Wavelength DCI services, DDoS scrubbing
Vendors Juniper, Cisco, A10, F5, Fortigate, Mikrotik

TerraHost AS

Website terrahost.no
Contacts support@terrahost.no
Coverage Area World
Languages Norwegian, English
Services Dedicated servers, Virtual servers, Cloud infrastructure, Colocation


Website startnix.com
Contacts sales@startnix.com
Coverage Area Spain
Languages Spanish
Services Technical support and TIPS


Website www.ibred.es
Contacts f.hidalgo@ibred.es
Coverage Area Spain

Today Communication Co., Ltd

Website www.today.com.kh
Contacts support@today.com.kh (+855)70 21 55 77
Coverage Area Cambodia
Languages English, Khmer
Services Dedicated Broadband, Internet Business Broadband, Internet DPLC, IP-Transit, VPN, Co-location
Vendors CISCO, Juniper, Huawei, Mikrotik, Fortigate


Website intersat-telecom.ro
Contacts fastnet@intersat.ro
Coverage Area Romania
Languages Romanian, English
Services ISP
Vendors Cisco, Mikrotik


Website ittc.edu.kh
Contacts ct@ittc.edu.kh
Coverage Area South East Asia
Languages English
Vendors Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, Mikrotik


Website somtik.com
Contacts soporte@somtik.com +5432217500
Coverage Area Argentina
Languages English, Spanish
Services Mikrotik Support, Cisco Support, Huawei Support
Vendors Arista, Huawei, Juniper, Cisco, Mikrotik

Softlist LLC

Website softlist.ua
Contacts sales@softlist.biz
Coverage Area Ukraine, Poland
Languages Russian, Ukrainian, English

Codisa Telco Solutions s.l.

Website codisats.es
Contacts info@codisats.es +3 492 411 1128
Coverage Area World
Languages Spanish
Services Support, Tips, Routing engineering
Vendors Cisco, MikroTik

İz Host

Website izhost.com
Contacts destek@izhost.com 08508851080
Coverage Area Turkey
Languages Turkish
Services Web hosting, Dedicated Server, Colocation, Vds Server, Mail Server
Vendors Dell, HP


Website nimanet.com.tr
Contacts ugursimsek@nimanet.com.tr +9 053 257 108 85
Coverage Area Turkey
Languages Turkish

Interhost Networks Ltd

Website interhost.net
Contacts support@interhost.net +972-74-7029881
Coverage Area Israel
Languages English, Hebrew, Russian
Services Colocation, Dedicated & VPS servers, Network & Anti DDOS services
Vendors Arista, Juniper, CISCO, Linux

Anysoft.pl Rejestracja Oprogramowania

Website www.anysoft.pl
Contacts esklep@anysoft.pl +4 851 315 4344
Coverage Area Poland, Eastern Europe
Languages Polish, English, German
Services Consulting, Sales, Support
Vendors Any. The full list of vendors here


Website sekuritim.com
Contacts info@sekuritim.com +90 850 460 22 21
Coverage Area Turkey, Middle East, Europe, Africa
Languages Turkish, English
Services MikroTik network design, Security, Installation support services
Vendors MikroTik

X-Press Technologies Ltd.

Website www.xpress.ltd
Contacts care@xpress.ltd +8809 639 49 49 49
Coverage Area Bangladesh
Languages Bangla, English
Services Broadband Internet, Network design, Security, Installation support services
Vendors any


Website myserver.bg
Contacts support@myserver.bg +359 2 411 1234
Coverage Area Bulgaria
Languages Bulgarian, English
Services System and network administration, DevOps
Vendors Cisco, Mikrotik

TERABIT Consultoria

Website terabitconsultoria.com
Contacts contato@terabitconsultoria.com +55 719 973 128 46
Coverage Area Brazil, United States
Languages English, Brazilian Portuguese
Services Consulting
Vendors Juniper, Mikrotik, Huawei, Softrouters

Logical Net Corporation

Website logical.net
Contacts sales@logical.net 518-292-4500
Coverage Area USA
Languages English, Albanian
Services Managed IT Services, Cloud Hosting, Business VoIP Systems, Web & Email Hosting, Office 365, Network Security, Cyber Security, Network Management
Vendors Cisco, Fortinet, Microsoft, Kaseya, Dell EMC, Veeam, VMware, Webroot, Trend Micro, HP, Linux, Intel, NetApp, WordPress, Axient, Azure

Clue24 GmbH

Website www.clue24.de
Contacts sales@clue24.de +49 607 350 39800
Coverage Area EU
Languages German, English
Services Consulting, Implementation, Hosting, Managed-Services, Individual Software Development
Vendors Vendor independent – especially including Cisco, Juniper, Arista, Extreme Networks, Huawei, Alcatel-Lucent, HPE, Dell, Mikrotik, Ubiquiti


Website stormwall.network
Contacts sales@stormwall.pro +1 (646) 491-62-59
Coverage Area Worldwide
Languages English, Russian
Services DDoS protection, IP transit
Vendors Any


Website www.metronet.cz
Contacts obchod@metronet.cz +420 326 202 020
Coverage Area Czech Republic
Languages Czech, English
Services Internet, VoIP, IPTV, network managment, construction of optical/radiorelay networks

NaWas by NBIP

Website nbip.nl
Contacts frank@nawas.net +31 655 398 999
Coverage Area Europe
Languages English, German, Dutch
Services DDoS Mitigation, DDoS Testing, DDoS Training & Exercising
Vendors any, independent


Website nixval.com
Contacts noc@nixval.com +34 961 344 927
Coverage Area SPAIN
Languages Spanish, English
Services Managed services, Network solutions consulting

GS2 Cyber Security

Website gs2cybersec.com
Contacts srabani@gs2cybersec.com
Coverage Area India, Nepal
Languages English
Services Cyber security, Internet Solution for ISP’s and Corporate

Peerex Networks Ltd.

Website peerexnetworks.com
Contacts info@peerexnetworks.com +0 9639733733
Coverage Area Bangladesh
Languages English, Bangla
Services IP Transit, Data Capacity, Internet, IPTV, IP Telephony, Conferencing, VPN solution, Data Center
Vendors Cisco, Juniper, MikroTik

Telconduta – Comunicações SA

Website telconduta.pt
Contacts info@sat2ip.com +3 519 627 645 19
Coverage Area Europe, Africa
Languages Englih, Portuguese, Spanish
Services DC, Connectivity, Sat dishes, vpn etc.
Vendors Mikrotik, Junipper, etc.

Circle Network

Website circlenetworkbd.net
Contacts support@circlenetworkbd.net +8 809 611 800900
Coverage Area Bangladesh
Languages Bangla, English
Services Broadband Internet, Network management, Construction of optical, Network design, Security, Installation service support
Vendors Cisco, Juniper , Mikrotik

Gazon Technologies pvt ltd.

Website gazontechnologies.com
Contacts vijay@gazontechnologies.com +91 9930224010
Coverage Area India and sub APAC region
Languages English, Hindi
Services System integration, Security solutions
Vendors Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, Dell, HP, many others


Website under.com.br
Contacts comercial@under.com.br 4003-1576
Coverage Area Brazil
Languages Portuguese
Services Cloud Provider and Bare Metal
Vendors OpenStack RedHat Dell HP Lenovo Supermicro Juniper VyOS


Website hashpower.pt
Contacts info@hashpower.pt +3 513 088 14400
Coverage Area Portugal, Brasil, Spain, France, Greece, Estonia, Slovenia, United States, India
Languages Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, Hindi
Services Distributed Datacenters, Scrubbing services, Managed services, Network solutions consulting
Vendors Cisco, Juniper, Mikrotik, Linux, CumulusOS, Extreme Networks and many others

Softense Ltd.

Website softense.co.il
Contacts Info@softense.co.il
Coverage Area Mostly Israel
Languages English, Hebrew
Services Software Purchases and recommendations
Vendors Any (Sencha, Logmein, Faronics, Pluralsight and more)


Website multipoint.co.il
Contacts Marcelo@Multipoint.co.il 972543000354
Coverage Area Israel, Europe, USA
Languages English, Spanish, Hebrew
Vendors Thycotic, Qualys, BigFix, Tenable, Netwrix, Perimeter81, Pcysys, Varonis & More…

Redes Brasil

Website redesbrasil.com
Contacts contato@redesbrasil.com +55 62 999 071 262
Coverage Area Brazil, Europe, USA
Languages Portuguese, English, Spanish
Services Network trainings and consulting
Vendors Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, MikroTik, Ubiquiti, Fiberhome


Website www.ap.logicalis.com
Contacts paul.yang@ap.logicalis.com 8 862 877 07072
Coverage Area Taiwan, China, Asia
Languages Chinese
Services Network design, Virtualization DC, Security
Vendors Zeronet, Sysage

VyOS/Sentrium S.L.

Website www.vyos.io
Contacts sales@vyos.io
Coverage Area World
Languages English
Services VyOS Platform, VyOS Router (Standard Support Subscription, Professional Access Subscription, Production Support Subscription, Corp Access Subscription)
Vendors Dell EMC/Edgecore/Lanner/Supermicro/Hyper-V/KVM/Nutanix/Proxmox/Redhat/VMware/XCP-ng/AWS/Azure/Exoscale/Google Cloud/OpenStack/Oracle/Packet


Website comtecmx.com
Contacts ventas@comtecmx.com +52 33 3833 5959
Coverage Area Mexico
Languages Spanish
Services Desing, implement and management network infrastructure
Vendors CISCO, Aruba Networks, Sonicwall, Fortinet, Cambium networks, A10 Networks, HP Enterprise


Website pegazus.com.br
Contacts hodesanio@pegazus.com.br +55 619 885 522 904
Coverage Area Brasil
Languages Portuguese
Vendors Mikrotik, Juniper, Cisco, Datacom

SMBITS Solucoes em TI

Website www.smbits.com.br
Contacts fastnetmon@smbits.com +55 47 3053-2921
Coverage Area Brazil
Languages Portuguese, English
Services ISP, Technical Support, Consulting Services
Vendors Hillstone, Cisco, Juniper, Dell


Website hybridnetworks.com.ar
Contacts info@hybridnetworks.com.ar +5 491 122 550 290
Coverage Area World
Languages Spanish
Services Support, Consulting, Monitoring, Outsourcing
Vendors Mikrotik, Ubiquiti, Mimosa, Cambium, Canopy, Cisco, LigoWave, WisNetworks, TP-Link, Tenda, TotoLink


Website sensorfleet.com
Contacts contact@sensorfleet.com
Coverage Area Finland
Languages English, Finnish
Services Cyber security detection and protection
Vendors SensorFleet

InternetSahibi Ltd.

Website www.internetsahibi.net
Contacts info@internetsahibi.net + 908503000999
Coverage Area Turkey
Languages Turkish, English
Services Cloud Hosting, Web & Email Hosting, Network Security, Cyber Security, Network Management
Vendors Juniper, Mikrotik, Fortinet, Cisco, etc.


Website bengalhost.com
Contacts info@bengalhost.com +8 809 638 276 962
Coverage Area World
Languages English, Bangla
Services Broadband, Web Hosting
Vendors Juniper, Cisco, Mikrotik, Huawei

Asian Network

Website asiannetworkbd.net
Contacts maruf@asiannetworkbd.net +8 801 841 85 35 72
Coverage Area World
Languages English, Bangla
Services Broadband Internet, Network management, Construction of optical, Network design, Security, Installation service support
Vendors Cisco, Juniper, Mikrotik


Website serverion.com
Contacts info@serverion.com +31851308333
Coverage Area Worldwide core locations Amsterdam Netherlands and New York, New York
Languages Dutch, English
Services Dedicated Servers, Traffic BGP, Shared Hosting, Consultancy, colocation
Vendors Mikrotik, Ubiquiti, Cisco, Huawei

Europa Data Center SRL

Website edcnet.ro
Contacts sales@edcnet.ro
Coverage Area World
Languages Romanian, English, Italian
Services VPS, VDS, Dedicated Servers, Colocation

Codit Teknoloji Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Website codit.com.tr
Contacts mustafa.karavus@codit.com.tr 05340888838
Coverage Area Turkey
Languages English, Turkish
Services Data center, Internet services, Cloud Hosting, Web & Email Hosting, Network Security, Cyber Security, Network Management

Vaecom Telecomunicaciones, SL

Website www.vaecom.com
Contacts info@vaecom.com +34965641641
Coverage Area Spain
Languages English, Spanish
Services Network engineering
Vendors Mikrotik, Cisco, Juniper, Huawei


Website capacitit.com.br
Contacts contato@capacitit.com.br
Coverage Area Brazil
Languages English, Portuguese, Spanish
Services IT and Telecom Solutions
Vendors Huawei, Cisco, Juniper, RouterOS

IT-Invest LLC

Website it-invest.ua
Contacts Artem.Dashevskyi@it-invest.ua +380987888078
Coverage Area Ukraine
Languages Russian, Ukrainian
Services Software sell, Internet services
Vendors Juniper, Extreme, D-Link, Mikrotik, Eltex

Dot Internet

Website dotinternetbd.com
Contacts sales@dotinternetbd.com noc@dotinternetbd.com +8801758889994
Coverage Area Bangladesh
Languages Bangla, English
Services Broadband Internet, IP and Data Transit, VPN solution, Data Center
Vendors Cisco, Juniper, Mikrotik


Website riorey.com
Contacts sales@riorey.com +1240-497-0330
Coverage Area Worldwide
Languages English
Services Leading DDoS mitigation provider (hardware and VM)


Website bgp4.pl
Contacts support@bgp4.pl +48 609967374
Coverage Area Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Germany
Languages Polish , English , Russian
Services Internet Service Provider, Web & Email Hosting, VPS Hosting, Network Security, Cyber Security, Network Management, Installation service support, Sales support.
Vendors Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, MikroTik

quattroSEC GmbH

Website quattrosec.com
Contacts office@quattrosec.com +43 1 268 444 100
Coverage Area Austria, Germany
Languages German, English
Services IT Security: Support Service (DDoS)
Vendors Vendor independent (manufacturer-independent)

Softline JSC

Website softline.com
Contacts info@softline.com / +7(495) 232-0023
Coverage Area Worldwide
Languages English, Russian
Services Full list here
Vendors Check here Main partners: Microsoft, Google, VMware, Apple, CISCO, HP, DELL, Oracle

TOYO Internet Service Co

Website www.tyis.co.jp
Contacts sales@tyis.co.jp +81-45-319-4590
Coverage Area World
Languages Japanese, Korean, English
Services Data Centre and Cloud, total IT solution consulting, Managed services
Vendors Cisco, Juniper, DELL, HP, Fujitsu, NEC, Huawei, Mikrotik, Fortigate, Paloalto, Vyatta & More


Website www.mits-co.com
Contacts support@mits-co.com +905374953233
Coverage Area EMEA: Turkey, All over Africa, all over Europe, all over Middle East
Languages English, Turkish, French, Tagalog, Pidgin
Services Full Stack ISP and WISP consultancy, MikroTik, Ubiquiti and Cambium Service and Support
Vendors MikroTik, Ubiquiti, Cisco, Juniper

Deccan Cyber Foundation

Contacts contact@deccan-ix.net
Coverage Area India
Languages English, Hindi, Telugu

Sistek Chile

Website sistek.cl
Contacts networking@sistek.cl
Coverage Area Chile
Languages English, Spanish
Services Mikrotik and Ubiquiti master distributor in Chile. ISP, WISP and local distributors, Mikrotik training centre.
Vendors Mikrotik, Ubiquiti


Contacts me@nishitthaker.com | phone number: 9879565765
Coverage Area India
Languages English, Hindi
Services Network support


Website wdz.de
Contacts consulting@wdz.de +49 5361 8911272
Coverage Area Europe
Languages German, English
Services Consulting, Integration, Custom Development
Vendors NVIDIA/Mellanox, Juniper, Cisco, EdgeCore, Arista

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