Product overview FastNetMon Advanced

Key Features

  • Ability to detect and filter out only malicious traffic flowing into or from your network.
  • Flexible detection engine with support for DoS/DDoS attack types: amplification (NTP, SNMP, SSDP, DNS, GRE, chargen and other), floods (UDP, TCP, ICMP), attacks on tcp protocol (syn, syn-ack, fin floods), attacks on IP protocol (fragmented packets) and other. Including support for multi-vector attacks.
  • Very fast detection time: 1 second for sFlow 5 and port mirror mode and 5- 45 seconds for Netflow/IPFIX (depends in device model).
  • Scalable up to Terabits (multiple existing deployments with 1+ Tbps of traffic).

Deployment and interoperability features

  • Wide range of supported capture engines: sFlow v5, Netflow v5, v9, jFlow, Netstream, IPFIX (including complete support for sampled flows), mirror ports (sampled), Amazon VPC Flow logs, Google Compulre VPC Flow logs
  • Bundled BGP Unicast and BGP flow spec (RFC 5575) support.
  • Could use existing devices in your network for traffic filtration/blocking
  • Bundled support industry-leading tool for querying and visualizing traffic information: Grafana.
  • Very fast delivery time: about 40 minutes for installation and initial configuration (excludes network equipment configuration and time required for server preparation).
  • Tested compatibility with following vendors: Cisco, Juniper, Nokia, Huawei, Mikrotik, Extreme, Arista, Brocade, Dell, HP, Palo Alto, D-Link, Edge Core, Ericsson, Force and other.
  • Software based solution, you do not need any specific hardware, you could use any VM or server available on your local market.
  • Network engineers friendly command line configuration tool: fcli.
  • Developers friendly: API, hook scripts, filter scripts. JSON based database for configuration/attacks with wide range of client tools for different languages.