Quagga BGP and exabgp: work together for BGP blackhole implementation

In our test case we will deploy two machines: for exabgp (it announce /32 prefix for blackholing on core router side) and (it emulates core router). We will do this work on Debian 8 Jessie.

Install exabgp:

Create ExaBGP configuration:

Here you can find example for exabgp configuration:

We specify current machine IP as next hop because without it Quagga ignores it: rcvd UPDATE about — DENIED due to: martian next-hop;

Start exabgp:

I recommend you to open log file and look at it:

Now we will install Quagga.

Install package:

Enable BGP daemon in Quagga:

And change following lines:

Then you should create config files and fix permissions for they:

Create BGP configuration:

Example for configuration (please be aware! It’s not suitable for production):

Apply configuration:

Wow! We see this announce in Quagga:

Check announced subnets from exabgp:

This guide prepared from more detailed and complex: https://www.m00nie.com/2014/01/bgp-rtbh-setup-using-exabgp/