New function in FastNetMon – per subnet thresholds!

Hello, my Lovely Community!

Today I want to offer new awesome feature! Since now you could add any number of subnet groups and specify custom thresholds for they.

Actually! We did it!

Please add host groups to your configuration file /etc/fastnetmon.conf:

But please be aware! You could specify only subnets explicitly mentioned in /etc/networks_list.

Feedback is appreciate!

2 thoughts on “New function in FastNetMon – per subnet thresholds!

  • Hi Pavel, can you explain how it works? If a /24 is in a hostgroup, and a /32 is in a host group, but that /32 has the network address of the /24 (is included, so to say). If I want to trigger a BAN for all IPs of that /24 if one reachs 500mbit/s, except the .254/32 which is my FTP Server which should be reaching 2000mbit/s before BAN, does the traffic for the /32 trigger also trigger the /24 Hostgroup it is included in?

    Thanks a lot!

    Great tool btw.

    • Hi Joe! Thank you for your comment. It should work fine. FastNetMon uses long prefix match algorithm to find the best host group. In this case it will pick up /32 host group instead of /24.

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