host groups

Hello, my Lovely Community!

Today I want to offer new awesome feature! Since now you could add any number of subnet groups and specify custom thresholds for they.

Actually! We did it!

Please add host groups to your configuration file /etc/fastnetmon.conf:

# We could create group of hosts with non standard thresholds
# You should create this groups before (in configuration file) specifying any limits hostgroup = my_hosts:,

# Configure this group
my_hosts_enable_ban = no

my_hosts_ban_for_pps = no
my_hosts_ban_for_bandwidth = no
my_hosts_ban_for_flows = no

my_hosts_threshold_pps = 20000
my_hosts_threshold_mbps = 1000
my_hosts_threshold_flows = 3500

But please be aware! You could specify only subnets explicitly mentioned in /etc/networks_list.

Feedback is appreciate!

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