Complete FastNetMon manual

Hello folks! I want to share new full and detailed documentation about project: FastNetMon Reference Russian 🙂 So it’s only in russian now, sorry 🙁 But you could try to use Google Translate for Documents and upload this pdf to it. Translation result is pretty well and could be understood!


Local and remote syslog support have added

Hello, my Dear Community! Yesterday I received nice feature request at GitHub. There are so much ideas here but my favorite is “syslog logging”. So for really bug instances or distributed deployments it will be a very useful thing. And I have implemented this feature. Finally, we have new configuration options here: logging:local_syslog_logging = no Read more about Local and remote syslog support have added[…]


InfluxDB support have added

Hello, folks! If somebody like InfluxDB like me you could be interested in latest update about this awesome database 🙂 You could find docs about it here. I have finished some tests and InfluxDB works perfectly an lightning fast! 😉 So performance of InfluxDB and Graphite is discussable.