On this page we could review key differences FastNetMon Advanced and Community editions.

FastNetMon Community provides limited number of capabilities absolutely necessary to detect DDoS attacks. It’s mostly targeted for small and medium sized networks.

FastNetMon Advanced was developed with main goal to make hassle-free solution for business customers operating large networks.

DDoS detection options

Feature nameCommunity editionAdvanced edition
Volumetric DDoS detectionYesYes
Amplification attack detectionYesYes
Ability to block host under attackYesYes
Rapid attack detectionNoYes
Ability to detect prefix under attackNoYes
Arbitrary attack detectionNoYes
Ability to filter only malicious traffic (BGP Flow Spec)NoYes
Ability to whitelist remote hostsNoYes
Custom thresholds for different networksNoYes
Ability to block remote attacker IPs NoYes
Different thresholds for incoming and outgoing trafficNoYes
Ability to create customized thresholds for L3, L4 trafficNoYes
Support for BGP traffic diversionNoYes
Integrations with Cloud based DDoS scrubbing centersNoYes


Feature nameCommunity editionAdvanced edition
BandwidthUp to ~40GUp to 5 Terabits
Number of monitored hostsTens of thousandsHundreds of thousands
Monitored networksDozensThousands
Custom thresholds groups1 IPv6, ~10 for IPv42000+
Flow / s10-20kUp to 800k per machine
Monitored routers / switches5-101000+

Traffic capture support

Feature nameCommunity editionAdvanced edition
IPv6 supportYesYes
sFlow v5 supportYesYes
Netflow v5 supportYesYes
Netflow v9 supportYesYes
IPFIX supportYesYes
PSAMP, inline monitoring services, IPFIX 315NoYes
GRE decapsulationNoYes
VLAN strippingYesYes
Google Compute Engine VPC Flow LogsNoYes
FastNetMon Flow NoYes
FastNetMon Flow with encryptionNoYes
Amazon AWS VPC Flow LogsNoYes
Netflow / IPFIX template cacheNoYes
Optimized mirror capture / SPANNoYes
1GE mirror capture supportYesYes
10, 40, 100 GE mirror captureNoYes

Attack mitigation / notification options

Feature nameCommunity editionAdvanced edition
Native BGP Unicast supportNoYes
Native BGP Flow Spec / RFC 5575NoYes
SMTP notificationNoYes
Slack supportNoYes
Telegram supportNoYes
Call script when attack arrivesYesYes
Call web hook when attack arrivesNoYes
Syslog alertsNoYes
Attack alerts in GrafanaNoYes
Persistent traffic storageNoYes

Attack and traffic reporting

Feature nameCommunity editionAdvanced edition
Graphite supportYesYes
InfluxDB supportYesYes
Clickhouse supportNoYes
Grafana dashboards supportBasicExtended
Pre calculated top talkers reportsNoYes

Deployment options

Feature nameCommunity editionAdvanced edition
Automatic install toolBasicExtended
Rest based APINoYes
ARM64, Ampere, Graviton support YesYes
Network equipment configuration guidesNoYes
Configuration databaseNoYes
Command line configuration tool fcliNoYes
Binary .deb packagesNoYes
APT and RPM repositoriesNoYes
OVA based deploymentNoYes
Official Docker imagesNoYes

Vendor compatibility

Feature nameCommunity editionAdvanced edition
A-10 NetworksYesYes

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