This plugin provides capability to decode format used by Nokia SR routers in their layer 3 encapsulated UDP shim enabled port mirror format. You can use this capability starting from 2.0.357.

We recommend checking official guides to learn more about it.

You need to enable plug in this way:

sudo fcli set main app_packet_sr true
sudo fcli commit

Then you need to add at least one address to listen for traffic:

sudo fcli set main app_packet_sr_local_addresses udp://
sudo fcli commit

If you use packet clipping when router crops packet before exporting you need to add following option:

sudo fcli set main app_packet_sr_read_packet_length_from_ip_header true
sudo fcli commit

If you use GRE traffic then you need to set this option:

sudo fcli set main app_packet_sr_tunnel_traffic true
sudo fcli commit

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