Automated BGP Feed injection

FastNetMon was built as tool to automatically inject BGP announces when some event (traffic spike, DoS, DDoS) happens in your network using network telemetry. Of course network telemetry is not required for all variety of cases and FastNetMon can use any external source of information to announce/withdraw BGP announces.

In FastNetMon we have solid support for BGP Unicast v4 an BGP Flow Spec protocols tested with all major vendors with clear and flexible API and command line interface.

We offer official plugin which can read data from different date sources (http, https, S3 compatible storage) and create BGP announces from this feed with custom communities.

We offer solid monitoring options for this plugin:

  • SNMP traps when data source fails to provide data
  • SNMP traps when some issue happens during BGP announce/withdraw process
  • SNMP heartbeat to confirm that plugin works fine
  • Prometheus endpoint which exports very precise metrics about each action

Our integration can sync up to hundreds of thousands IP addresses specified as /32 without any issues.

Synchronization implementations:

  • When FastNetMon detects new host in data source it creates BGP announces for it with specified community
  • When FastNetMon detects known (and already announced) host then we ignore it
  • When some host known by FastNetMon (and announced) disappears from dataset then we withdraw it from BGP.
  • Special option can be used to withdraw all announces

To get more information about our solution please contact our support team at: sales@fastnetmon.com