By default, FastNetMon cleans up all blackhole or flow spec announces during restart/commit operation. But you can disable this behavior and do not unblock blocked hosts during restart.

To enable this logic you need to run following commands:

sudo fcli set main keep_blocked_hosts_during_restart true
sudo fcli set main do_not_withdraw_unicast_announces_on_restart true
sudo fcli commit

FastNetMon can do same for BGP Flow Spec announces and you can enable such logic this way:

sudo fcli set main do_not_withdraw_flow_spec_announces_on_restart true
sudo fcli set main keep_flow_spec_announces_during_restart true
sudo fcli commit

After these changes, FastNetMon will store / load blackhole list or flow spec ban list during commit / restart operation. Flags do_not_withdraw_unicast_announces_on_restart and do_not_withdraw_flow_spec_announces_on_restart disable automatic BGP clean up after restart and BGP daemon will keep announces until FastNetMon removes it.

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