For all supported Linux distributions we offer official repositories which simplify installation of upgrades.

For Ubuntu, Debian and RedHat family of distributions if you use standard way to upgrade all system packages FastNetMon will be upgraded too.

You may find detailed information about latest versions of FastNetMon at GitHub.

We strongly recommend doing full backup of server to external storage before doing upgrade to avoid data loss. In addition we recommend doing full export of FastNetMon’s configuration and saving it on external server.

To upgrade only FastNetMon to latest version on Ubuntu or Debian you need to use following commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade fastnetmon

On RedHat family you can use following command:

sudo yum update fastnetmon 

After that you can do optional step and add new configuration parameters:

sudo fcli upgrade_configuration

After finishing upgrade we can recommend checking that FastNetMon daemon is running using following command:

sudo systemctl status fastnetmon

Also we recommend checking that FastNetMon can see all traffic:

sudo fcli show total_traffic_counters

In case of any issues with FastNetMon, please start checking from log file /var/log/fastnetmon/fastnetmon.log. Our support team will be happy to help you with any issues.

If your server uses offline license and does not have access to the Internet, you can download rpm and deb packages manually here. To find out latest version of FastNetMon please use this link. Please ensure that you use packages for your version of Linux distribution.

After downloading packages manually you need to install it this way on Debian and Ubuntu Linux:

sudo dpkg -i fastnetmon.deb

On RedHat based systems you need to use another command:

sudo yum install ./fastnetmon.rpm

FastNetMon relies on MongoDB for configuration storage and it may be affected by upgrade. We recommend checking MongoDB integration guide to find out options to address any MongoDB related issues.

Visual graphs system uses Grafana, InfluxDB, Nginx and Clickhouse. Each of them need to be upgraded too and we recommend doing it as part of system-wide upgrade. If upgrade procedure asks you about configuration changes you need to keep old configuration.

If you’re looking for FastNetMon releases for old platforms please check this page.

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