In addition to capability to track number of packets or bytes per second for variety of traffic types (pre defined and flexible) FastNetMon can calculate number of incoming and outgoing flows per second for each IP address.

This capabilities is enabled by default and you can ensure that it’s enabled this way:

sudo fcli show main enable_connection_tracking

After that you total number of flows per second in your network:

sudo fcli show total_traffic_counters
incoming traffic   63676 pps
incoming traffic   573 mbps
incoming traffic   771 flows
outgoing traffic   24668 pps
outgoing traffic   50 mbps
outgoing traffic   762 flows
internal traffic   362 pps
internal traffic   0 mbps
other traffic      6475 pps
other traffic      70 mbps

In addition to total counters we maintain flow / second counters for all the hosts in your network:

sudo fcli show host_counters incomnig flows     6406 pps 61 mbps 33 flows/s     5494 pps 53 mbps 32 flows/s     5951 pps 52 mbps 31 flows/s     4470 pps 42 mbps 30 flows/s      454 pps 2 mbps 20 flows/s      748 pps 5 mbps 11 flows/s      529 pps 5 mbps 5 flows/s      689 pps 6 mbps 3 flows/s     357 pps 2 mbps 2 flows/s     236 pps 1 mbps 2 flows/s

Optionally you can get this counter for specific host:

sudo fcli show single_host_counters
dropped_in_bytes         0
dropped_in_packets       0
dropped_out_bytes        0
dropped_out_packets      0
fragmented_in_bytes      0
fragmented_in_packets    0
fragmented_out_bytes     0
fragmented_out_packets   0
icmp_in_bytes            131
icmp_in_packets          0
icmp_out_bytes           1051
icmp_out_packets         0
in_bytes                 7870565
in_flows                 35
in_packets               6282
out_bytes                756743
out_flows                28
out_packets              2560
tcp_in_bytes             4103972
tcp_in_packets           3005
tcp_out_bytes            133730
tcp_out_packets          1493
tcp_syn_in_bytes         556569
tcp_syn_in_packets       456
tcp_syn_out_bytes        48821
tcp_syn_out_packets      279
udp_in_bytes             3766431
udp_in_packets           3261
udp_out_bytes            621930
udp_out_packets          1043

It implemented via capability called connection tracking. FastNetMon accumulates all unique 5 tuples (source IP, destination IP, source port, destination port and protocol number) for each IP address which belong to your network and calculates their number for each second. It’s pretty CPU intensive operation and you can track performance of it it using following flags:

sudo fcli show system_counters|grep flow_counters_calculation_time
ipv4_local_host_flow_counters_calculation_time             0.000188 

By default we use 5 tuple to calculate unique flows but you can optionally change this logic to avoid using ports and stick with 3 tuple (source IP, destination IP, protocol):

sudo fcli set main connection_tracking_skip_ports true
sudo fcli commit

With this capability enabled flow / second metric will calculate number of unique IPs which contacted your network per second.

Please note, that if your network telemetry protocol uses any kind of sampling then you will not have flow / second counters working.

In majority of cases sampling on switches and routers is implemented on packet basis. For example, when router observes 1000 packets and sampling rate is set to 1:1000 then it will send to FastNetMon only single flow.

FastNetMon can recover bytes per second and packets per second rate by multiplying length of this flow by sampling rate.

Unfortunately, flow / s information cannot be recovered similar way. All these 1000 packets may equally belong to just single flow or it may be 1000 unique flows. So we cannot get flow / second counters in this case.

If you can accept such inaccuracy you can multiply flow / s rate calculated by FastNetMon by sampling rate used in your network but it will mathematically inaccurate.

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