The simplest sampling configuration you can find in Netflow v5. Each packet carries sampling rate and FastNetMon can read it directly and it does not need any configuration. Also, for Netflow v5 FastNetMon ignores configuration options netflow_sampling_ratio even if you set it explicitly.

For Netflow v9 and IPFIX sampling information carried in special “options data” packets. Because Netflow v9 and IPFIX are extremely flexible protocols and each vendor can add new fields these protocols also use “template options” packets. They carry information about available fields in “options data” packets.

To decode information in “options data” packets each collector should read “template options” packets before.

To debug Netflow v9 or IPFIX sampling rate learning FastNetMon exposes number of useful counters.

First of all, we need “options templates” packets to decode “options data” packets:

sudo fcli show system_counters | grep options_templates_number 
netflow_v9_options_templates_number                2
ipfix_options_templates_number 3

After that, FastNetMon should read “options data” packets:

sudo fcli show system_counters | grep options_packet_number
netflow_v9_options_packet_number                   3
ipfix_options_packet_number 3

Finally, FastNetMon should extract sampling information from “options data” packets and it has counter about it too:

sudo fcli show system_counters | grep custom_sampling_rate_received
netflow_v9_custom_sampling_rate_received 20
ipfix_custom_sampling_rate_received 3

It means that FastNetMon decoded all these packets and successfully extracted sampling rate.

FastNetMon can maintain custom sampling rate for each devices and you can get list for all automatically extracted sampling rates this way:

sudo fcli show netflow_sampling_rates 1000

For IPFIX protocol you can use this commands to get per device sampling rates:

sudo fcli show ipfix_sampling_rates 1000

In addition to this, FastNetMon print following log messages on debug level (sudo fcli set main logging_level debug):

[DEBUG] Learnt new Netflow v9 sampling rate 1000 for
[DEBUG] Learnt new IPFIX sampling rate 1000 for
[DEBUG] Change Netflow v9 sampling rate from 10 to 1000 for
[DEBUG] Change IPFIX sampling rate from 10 to 1000 for

In some cases, when vendor uses very unusual encoding way, FastNetMon cannot extract this information automatically and you can specify it manually this way. FastNetMon will use this information if it does not receive “options” packets from your router.

sudo fcli set main netflow_sampling_ratio 1000
sudo fcli set main netflow_custom_sampling_ratio_enable enable

In all cases for Netflow v9 and IPFIX protocols sampling rate received from router has priority over information specified in configuration.

You can explicitly ignore sampling announcements from routers and use  value from configuration this way:

sudo fcli set main netflow_ignore_sampling_rate_from_device enable
sudo fcli commit

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