If you have Linux machine and you need to export traffic from it we suggest using hsflowd. It generates sFlow v5 stream and works very well with FastNetMon Advanced.  This guide works only for machines with kernel 3.19 (CentOS 7 with standard kernel is not supported) or more recent because these kernels have support for kernel side BPF sampling.

As first step, please download latest binary version for your Linux distribution.

wget https://github.com/sflow/host-sflow/releases/download/.....deb
sudo dpkg -i hsflowd...amd64.deb

And add following to configuration file:

sudo vim /etc/hsflowd.conf

Configuration example (please replace ens3 by your interface name, replace collector IP by address of FastNetMon and replace agentIP by address of router itself):

sflow {
  DNSSD = off
  polling = 30

  agentIP =

  sampling.100M = 100
  sampling.1G   = 500
  sampling.10G  = 1000
  sampling.40G  = 4000

  sampling = 1000

  collector { ip = udpport = 6343 }

  # Add all relevant interfaces to this list 
  pcap { dev = ens3 }
  pcap { dev = ens4 }

Apply changes:

sudo systemctl restart hsflowd 

Enable auto start on boot:

sudo systemctl enable hsflowd

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