For product usage survey purposes, FastNetMon sends following information to stats server multiple times per day:

  • Instance ID random identifier allocated during installation
  • Current incoming and outgoing bandwidth for IPv4, IPv6 and IPv4+IPv6 traffic
  • Total number of hosts in IPv4 network
  • Number of active IPv4 and IPv6 hosts
  • Number of observed Netflow/IPFIX flows per second
  • Number of observed sFlow headers per second
  • Version of FastNetMon
  • Enabled plugins (af_packet, sflow, netflow, xdp)
  • Virtualisation technology
  • Time required for speed calculation
  • Linux kernel version
  • Linux distribution name
  • Linux distribution version
  • CPU flags
  • Feature flags (enabled or disabled) for following features: BGP, InfluxDB, Clickhouse Metrics, Traffic DB, Prometheus, BGP Flow Spec

We collect this information to prioritise development of particular features and to focus testing effort on specific platforms. FastNetMon uses encrypted HTTPS protocol to deliver this information to our analytics servers. Our statistics server stores IPv4 / IPv6 addresses of machine which sent data.

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