We offer official OVA images which can be used with variety of hypervisors. For production deployments we support only vmware ESXi. To start, please download latest image. We offer separate guide for vmware vCenter.

After downloading, please verify sha1 checksum, it should be: 6c6341f695b01e996024b0268480e9858bf9ac08

This image includes full installation of FastNetMon with traffic visibility dashboards

Minimum system requirements for VM image:

  • 8 GB Ram or more
  • 4 CPU cores or more
  • 50GB of disk space or more

To import OVA image to vmware ESXi please execute following steps in web UI.

Select “Create / Register VM”
Select “Deploy a virtual machine from an OVF or OVA file”
Drag FastNetMon’s OVA file to field in the central part of scree

After starting import process, please prepare to wait up to 20 minutes. Default login and password for VM are: fastnetmon/fastnetmon. We have enabled SSH by default. Be very careful and change default passwords right after logging in.

After finishing installation, please request trial license using our form When you receive activation coupon, please activate it this way:

 sudo ./installer -activate_coupon -activation_coupon [coupon_code]

To confirm successful activation, please restart FastNetMon and check license status:

sudo fcli commit
sudo fcli show license

To enable Grafana Web UI for metrics you have to generate passwords for it:

sudo ./installer -reset_visual_passwords

It will print login and password required for Grafana to access metrics and traffic persistency database

Login into FastNetMon’s UI: http://you.ip.address:81 using passwords from previous step

To extend disk space, please use this guide.

Finally, you can start initial configuration of FastNetMon using standard guide.

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