FastNetMon has solid integration with multiple leading DDoS mitigation cloud providers and we’re constantly looking to add more providers.

Our preferred integration method is API based integration when FastNetMon connects to scrubbing center API endpoint to announce / withdraw prefix under attack.

API based integration eliminates need to make adjustments to BGP policy configuration on routers and in general more reliable as it does not rely on persistent connection as BGP which may be easily disrupted during attack.

We’re open to using BGP based integration too but in this case we will need detailed documentation about all aspects of BGP setup and FastNetMon BGP Diversion configuration.

To integrate FastNetMon with your scrubbing center we need following API endpoints:

  • To start announcing IPv4 / IPv6 prefix over cloud based scrubbing center¬†
  • To withdraw announces for IPv4 / IPv6 prefix via cloud scrubbing center

Optionally, we will be happy to get some API endpoint which returns amount of clean / filtered traffic for prefix during time when attack is still going.

We need it to provide more information about attack performance to customers and do prefix withdrawal when attack is actually finished instead of doing withdrawal by timeout which has risks of disabling protection when attack is still going.

To implement integration we will need to have API specification from your company. Ideally if you can allocate test sandbox account which we can use for integration.

To start integration process please reach us and we will be happy to discuss details.

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