To enable sFlow on this switch you need to make following configuration changes:

feature sflow
sflow sampling-rate 4096
sflow max-sampled-size 128
sflow counter-poll-interval 20
sflow max-datagram-size  1400
sflow counter-poll-interval 30
sflow collector-ip <fastnetmon-IP> vrf default
sflow collector-port 6343
sflow agent-ip <rotuer-ip>

You may need to change “default” to “management” to alter VRF.

Please check if your switch supports values smaller then 4096 for sampling-rate and if it does then change it to 2000 or 1000.

Then you need to add all ports for traffic monitoring:

sflow data-source interface ethernet 1/5

For port channel interfaces syntax will be slightly different:

sflow data-source interface port-channel xxx

You may experience issues with 40G modules and you will need to change TCAM configuration and we can recommend checking vendor guides about it.

To monitor that it works fine please use following command:

show sflow statistics

Total Packets        : 108379009735  Packets
Total Samples        : 86338  Packets
Processed Samples    : 86449  Packets
Dropped Samples      : 17  Packets
Sent Datagrams       : 14317  Packets
Dropped Datagrams    : 5  Packets

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