FastNetMon Community and ExaBGP without socat

With this guide you could integrate ExaBGP and FastNetMon without socat tool

Create example configuration: vim /etc/exabgp_blackhole.conf

Example here (please fix this configuration to your network):

group Core_v4 {
  hold-time 180;
  local-as 65001;
  peer-as 1234;
  graceful-restart 1200;

  # Static announce is not used
  # static {
  # route next-hop community 65001:666;
  # }

  neighbor {
    description "Quagga";

  # Add this line for process management
  process service-dynamic {
    run /etc/exabgp/exabgp_pipe_provider.sh;

For PIPE API we need create this script: vim /etc/exabgp/exabgp_pipe_provider.sh

Script code here:


rm -f $FIFO
mkfifo $FIFO
tail -f $FIFO

Set exec flag for script:

chmod +x /etc/exabgp/exabgp_pipe_provider.sh

Run ExaBGP:

env exabgp.daemon.user=root exabgp.daemon.daemonize=true exabgp.daemon.pid=/var/run/exabgp.pid exabgp.log.destination=/var/log/exabgp.log exabgp /etc/exabgp_blackhole.conf