Graphite integration

Example screen:


We could store pps/bps/flow number for top 7 (could be configured) host in incoming and outgoung directions. In addition to this we export total pps/bps/flow number which flow over FastNetMon.

Configuration from FastNetMon side is very simple, please put following fields to /etc/fastnetmon.conf:

Install Graphite Debian 8 Jessie

First of all, please install all packages:

Whisper – it’s database for data. Graphite – service for storing and retrieving data from database.

Install web frontend:

Create database, specify login/password and email here:

Specify your timezone in file /etc/graphite/local_settings.py on line TIME_ZONE.

Change owner:

Run it with apache:

Enable load on startup:

Open site: http://ip.ad.dr.es

Put test data to Graphite:

If you have issues with Carbon like this:

Please check this link

Some useful graphics for Graphite.

Total load:

Top talkers:

Also I recommend to configure Graphite this way.

For big networks please enlarge number of created file in /etc/carbon/carbon.conf:

And if you want to store data every 5 seconds for 1 month please do following before starting collection to Graphite in file /etc/carbon/storage-schemas.conf: