This article will describe everything about sFLOW from hardware side



Please be aware! Extreme XOS operating system before 15.4 release lack of support for ingress sflow, only for egress (source). Please use 15.4 version or more recent.

Example of sFLOW configuration for Extreme XOS:

Check configuration for correctness:

Juniper EX

Juniper EX sFLOW configuration: link.

sFLOW configuration on Linux

We recommend this project.

You could use this reference for configurarion on Debian 8 Jessie BOX:

Configure iptables:

Configure daemon vim /etc/hsflowd.conf:

Let’s start:

Qtech switches

Qtech QSW-8200-52T and Qtech QSW-2850-28T has some bugs in sFLOW implementation. Sflowtool could not parse they too. Waiting answer from developers.