FastNetMon Advanced

If you have any issues with DDoS attacks in your network FastNetMon can help you.

FastNetMon’s key features

  • Detects almost all DoS/DDoS attack types very fast using information from your network equipment (routers, switches)
  • Support sFlow v5, Netflow (v5, v9, v10),IPFIX, Netstream, jFlow, and port mirror
  • Block host in your network using BGP Blackhole to keep your network running
  • Filter our only malicious traffic using your routers for traffic scrubbing. We use BGP Flow Spec/RFC5575 to deploy filtering rules
  • Notify your engineers, external systems using email, JSON API, web request
  • Provide detailed information about attack and network performance

To deploy FastNetMon you need

  • Virtual machine or physical server according to our software requirements
  • Configured sFlow, Netflow/IPFIX or port mirror for your network equipment
  • BGP session with your routers or your ISP
  • For precise filtering you need network routers with BGP Flow Spec support (you do not need it for blackhole mode)
  • Just 10 minutes of spare time to install and configure FastNetMon

For network administrators we provide number of very useful tools

  • Detailed information for total, per network, per host traffic as FastNetMon see it

  • Network-engineer friendly command line configuration tool
  • Interactive notifications about attacks:

  • You can retrieve every flow for your network using flexible query language:


  • Per-ASN peering reports and arbitrary reports about your traffic:


  • We charge you only for your average clean traffic (we use 95 percentile in prevaling directoin)
Licence type Advanced 10 Advanced 40 Advanced 100
Clean traffic volume 10 Gbps 40 Gbps 100 Gbps
Cost per month $115 USD $220 USD $350 USD