If you have any issues with DDoS attacks in your network FastNetMon can help you.

FastNetMon’s key features

  • Detects almost all DoS/DDoS attack types very fast using information from your network equipment (routers, switches)
  • Support sFlow v5, Netflow (v5, v9, v10),IPFIX, Netstream, jFlow, and port mirror
  • Block host in your network using BGP Blackhole to keep your network running
  • Filter our only malicious traffic using your routers for traffic scrubbing. We use BGP Flow Spec/RFC5575 to deploy filtering rules
  • Notify your engineers, external systems using email, JSON API, web request
  • Provide detailed information about attack and network performance

To deploy FastNetMon you need

  • Virtual machine or physical server according to our software requirements
  • Configured sFlow, Netflow/IPFIX or port mirror for your network equipment
  • BGP session with your routers or your ISP
  • For precise filtering you need network routers with BGP Flow Spec support (you do not need it for blackhole mode)
  • Just 10 minutes of spare time to install and configure FastNetMon

For network administrators we provide number of very useful tools

  • Detailed information for total, per network, per host traffic as FastNetMon see it
  • Network-engineer friendly command line configuration tool
  • Interactive notifications about attacks:
  • You can retrieve every flow for your network using flexible query language:
  • Per-ASN peering reports and arbitrary reports about your traffic:


  • We charge you only for your average clean traffic (we use 95 percentile in prevaling directoin)
Licence typeAdvanced 10Advanced 40Advanced 100
Clean traffic volume10 Gbps40 Gbps100 Gbps
Cost per month$115 USD$220 USD$350 USD


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