We offer official support for using FastNetMon on Docker platform. You can use it on top of any platform supported by Docker and you can find official FastNetMon images here. FastNetMon can be used on top of Kubernetes platform without any issues.

Known restrictions for Docker packaging:

  • No BGP support (can be enabled via GoBGP daemon installed on VM via API)
  • No visual traffic support

To simplify installation process for Ubuntu 18.04 and CentOS 7 we offer completely automated installer which will install Docker, configure it, download all required images and configure them. After finishing install process you will have completely working installation of FastNetMon Advanced.

To start, please order trial coupon from our official trial order page and then activate license on server which runs Docker:

curl https://install.fastnetmon.com/installer -oinstaller
sudo chmod +x installer
sudo ./installer -activate_coupon -activation_coupon <coupon_code_from_email>

All containers on physical machine can share same license but we will calculate their total traffic for licensing purposes.

After successful activation, you can install Docker engine and all FastNetMon containers this way:

sudo ./installer -fastnetmon_docker

If you have Docker deployed and you just need to install FastNetMon then you can try our manual installation guide for Docker platform.

We offer exactly same experience with Docker as we offer for bare metal install, after installing you can follow our quick start guide: https://fastnetmon.com/advanced-quick-start/

Installer tool will install fcli binary directly on host machine and you can use fcli from host only:

sudo fcli

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