FastNetMon Advanced has support for IPv6 protocol. You need to install FastNetMon 2.0.94 version to use features mentioned in this guide.

Current IPv6 support limitations:

  • BGP option gobgp_announce_whole_subnet_ipv6 is not implemented yet, it can announce only host (/128)
  • IPv6 attack detection works only in “blackhole mode”. When FastNetMon blocks host completely. It does not support selective BGP Flow Spec based filtering.
  • IPv6 mode does not use host groups. It uses thresholds only from global host group

By default, FastNetMon does not work with IPv6 traffic. You need to enable this feature explicitly:

If you use Netflow v9 or IPFIX, please enable IPv6 for it explicitly:

You also need to add all your IPv6 network for monitoring:

Please enable IPv6 traffic metrics on network equipment side. You can use following commands to check amount of IPv6 traffic captured by FastNetMon:

Also, we added support for IPv6 in fastnetmon_client tool:

To enable ban actions for IPv6 traffic, please execute following:

You can check blocked hosts using same approach as for IPv4:

To read more about IPv6 specific options for BGP, please check this page.