This position was closed at 12th of March 2024

We’re looking for a professional technical social media content manager with solid understanding of Telecom and Cyber Security (DDoS attacks and DDoS defence) fields and fluency in English. Usually, the amount of work we have requires 1-2 full days per week.

Our content is accumulated / created via following channels:

  • New and enhanced capabilities in our product (provided by engineering team in very technical terse format)
  • Industry news about new telecom equipment from leading vendors (Cisco, Juniper, Nokia, Arista, Huawei). 
  • Industry news about significant DDoS attacks and new attack vectors (new DDoS amplification vectors) and new DDoS attack methods (carpet bombing)
  • Generic educational information about computer networking (BGP, DNS, OSPF, MPLS, IPv6, NAT, Firewalls, Ethernet, Optical systems).

We have a very solid community built over the last decade on multiple social media platforms. Our LinkedIN company page has 3000 active subscribers and our X account has 2000 followers. In addition to LinkedIN and X we have some interest in Facebook but it may be automated cross-posting. 

We’re a UK based SaaS software vendor in the Telecom and cyber security fields (DDoS defence) with customers in 50+ countries across the World. Our company was incorporated 7 years ago and now we’re on a scale up phase and we’re driving global expansion and social media strategy is a crucial part of it.

Our company is an established member of leading network communities (RIPE, NANOG, APNIC, M3AAWG) and we’re strong contributor to open source DDoS defence with our community product FastNetMon Community.

Please reach us using if you have interest in this position. We consider candidates from the US, Canada, UK, European Union. Position is remote and open only for independent contractors. 

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