Listen to any from these podcasts with our team about FastNetMon as a DDoS detection and mitigation tool. You will learn the story behind developing the tool and a lot of secrets of using it.

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telecom №87. FastNetMon. Обнаружение DDoS (RU)

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podcast DDoS
SDCast #58: в гостях Павел Одинцов, разработчик системы обнаружения DDoS атак FastNetMon (RU)

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The Hedge Episode 10: Pavel Odintsov and Fastnetmon

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PQ 141: Using Open-Source FastNetMon For DDoS Detection

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Show 375: Design & Build 14: DDoS Mitigation

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The Hedge 16: Pavel Odinstov on Fastnetmon Use Cases

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The route to networking
E50- Pavel Odinstov at Fastnetmon

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