Subnet collection from BGP peering session

FastNetMon relies on networks/subnets available in your network. But in dynamic environment with big number of peers and frequent changes it may be complicated to maintain list of monitored networks up to date.

We prepared proof of concept code which can help you with this issue and read fresh data directly from BGP session.

Install ExaBGP 3:

Download configs and scripts:

Then, openĀ /etc/exabgp_network_collector.conf and specify your BGP peering session configuration.

Run ExaBGP:

Wait a few minutes while all route announcements are received (depends on route server size)

Retrieve learned networks from database located at /var/lib/bgp_network_collector.db:

You can use this data and run script to reconfigure FastNetMon’s networks lists each 10-20 minutes. We have example code for this task here.