CEO at Tranquil Hosting

We have recent implemented FastNetMon for alerting of DDoS attacks on our network as well as automatically triggering blackhole action.  It is great to see an active community of FastNetMon users as well as a rapid pace of new features being added to the platform.  The main feature that attracted me to FastNetMon was the Read more about CEO at Tranquil Hosting[…]


Ramil Khantimirov, CEO StormWall

We are using FastNetMon as core of our anomalies detection system (FlowSense). Its robustness helps us detect 99% attacks in less than 5 seconds which allows us efficiently mitigate them and send nice attack reports to clients. The versatility of FastNetMon platform makes it a universal tool which can be integrated to any infrastructure, even Read more about Ramil Khantimirov, CEO StormWall[…]


Our company is working with FastNetMon to detect the multiple DDoS attacks that occur in out network along the weeks. The easy way to be running, the good technical support from FastNetMon team and the really good performance of the solution, are a plus to introduce it in any network, so, we decide to participate as Read more about JUAN MIGUEL GALLARDO, CEO[…]

Conecta-t Servicios de Banda Ancha S.L.

I’m very happy. Before FastNetMon it was a nightmare with attacks every week, since I have installed it I haven’t had a single fall, it has stopped with perfect accuracy 100% of the attacks. Also with Graphana I have traffic information for each client. It’s a great product.

Filipe Mendes, CEO

FastNetMon helps HostDime deliver an exceptional Anti-DDOS service for its Colocation, Dedicated Servers and Cloud Server customers. Everything is automatic and when you need assistance, they respond very quickly.

Vicente De Luca, Sr. Network Engineer

Our company has been using FastNetMon to improve detection on malicious traffic targeting our cloud infrastructure. The improvements provided by this tool are helping us to early detect and trigger mitigation techniques before the situation evolve to critical stages, when availability starts being affected. FastNetMon empower users to customize thresholds based on their own traffic Read more about Vicente De Luca, Sr. Network Engineer[…]