Traffic export to InfluxDB using Kafka

For sophisticated deployments we offer option to export metrics to InfluxDB using Kafka queue engine.

It may be useful in case when you need redundancy and cannot lost even single metric.

FastNetMon does not support authorization or encryption, it supports only plain Kafka connection. FastNetMon does not implement batching and exports traffic for each network or host as separate message. Your consumer (we can suggest using Telegraf) should implement batching. FastNetMon does not acknowledge every sent message.

This guide requires that you already enabled InfluxDB support.

You can enable Kafka export this way:

You can add multiple brokers using IP addresses or host names. Each host name can be resolved to multiple IP addresses too:

To spread load over available partitions, we offer multiple options:

FastNetMon has support for following partitioners:

  • random
  • consistent
  • consistent_random
  • murmur2
  • murmur2_random