You may try experimental version of our installer which installs FastNetMon Advanced with FerretDB automatically:

wget -Oinstaller
sudo chmod +x installer
sudo ./installer -ferretdb

This guide is an improved version of this guide with goal to eliminate dependency on PostgreSQL and use SQLite instead.

FerretDB offers complete ARM64 support you can use FastNetMon Advanced ARM64 edition with FerretDB.

wget -Oinstaller
sudo chmod +x installer
sudo ./installer -developer_version -ferretdb

Please follow all steps as in referenced guide until you reach section about /lib/systemd/system/ferretdb.service. You will need to use slightly different version of it:

Description=FerretDB database
ExecStart=/usr/bin/ferretdb --debug-addr="" --handler="sqlite" --sqlite-url "file:/var/lib/ferretdb/"

Then you will need to create folder for SQLite database:

sudo mkdir /var/lib/ferretdb

Then follow all steps from original guide skipping all sections about PostgreSQL.

After successful creation of database you will see new file in /var/lib/ferretdb/ which will carry all FastNetMon configuration:

ls -al /var/lib/ferretdb/
-rw-r--r--  1 root root 49152 Jul  5 14:49 fastnetmon.sqlite

Then we need to explicitly disable authentication using following option as SQLite backed does not support auth:

echo '{"mongodb_username": ""}' | sudo tee /etc/fastnetmon/fastnetmon.conf

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