You will find videos about FastNetMon as a DDoS detection and mitigation tool and the story behind developing it. There are videos from different conferences and talks on different languages. We are grateful to anyone who made talks about FastNetMon and contributed to developing the tool.

UKNOF46 – Network Telemetry for DDoS Detection Applications

Learn about network telemetry for DDoS detection applications.

DDoS Challenges in IPv6 environments

Learn about challenges of DDoS in IPv6 environment.

UK IPv6 Council Annual Meeting, 17 December 2020

Learn with Us: FastNetMon Community Workshop

After listening to this presentation you will have a complete understanding of FastNetMon’s capabilities and ways for integrating it into your IXP.

DDoS attack detection with open source FastNetMon Community FOSDEM 2023

This talk covers a complete overview of a tool called FastNetMon Community. It has focus on DDoS detection for Telco / ISPs networks and works with majority of well known telemetry protocols such as Netflow, IPFIX and has solid support for BGP. 

Lightning fast DDoS detection with FastNetMon Community

Watch this video to learn more about FastNetMon Community and options to export network traffic information for efficient DDoS detection.

Lightning fast DDoS detection with FastNetMon Community Session 2

This talk about FastNetMon Community product and its key capabilities. Installation and setup guide step by step.

FastNetMon and Metrics

Pavel Odintsov introduces FastNetMon DDoS prevention and how they migrated analytics to ClickHouse to handle large data volumes.

UKNOF48 – DDoS attacks from IXP customer’s perspective

Learn about the customer’s side of problem with DDoS attacks coming from IXPs.

Fastnetmon with Pavel Odintsov

Learn about FastNetMon Community, tool for lightning fast DDoS detection for networks of any scale.

Route to Networking podcast, E50 – Pavel Odinstov at FastNetMon

This talk is about everything DDoS-related, changes in the industry and some expectations about future of it.

FastNetMon + Configuração (PT)
From Plan A to Plan B – making IPv6 real – Mr Sam Defriez (EN)

UKNOF44, Belfast, UK
10-11 September 2019

Distributed Denial of Service with A10, Ansible, and FastNetMon (EN)
Detecção e mitigação de ataques de DDoS utilizando ferramentas Open Source – Wardner Maia (PT)

SAP 18, Brazil
23 February 2018

Detectando DDoS e intrusiones con RouterOS – Maximiliano Dobladez (ES)

20 January 2017
Slides here

Cheap and Efficient DDoS Traffic Analysis – Fabian Labohm (NL)

Lekker Weer NLNOG 2017, Ede, Netherlands
16 June 2017
Slides here

How to avoid buying expensive routers – Mark Schouten (NL)

Lekker Weer NLNOG 2017, Ede, Netherlands
16 June 2017
Slides here

Protect your edge BGP security made simple – Theo Voss (EN)

DENOG 9, Germany, Frankfurt.
23 November 2016
Slides here.

MUM (MikroTik User Meeting) – Marek Isalski – Keeping your rack cool with one /ip route rule (EN)

MUM (MikroTik User Meeting), London
14 November 2016
Slides here.

HightLood++ 2016 – Константин Новаковский – Борьба с DDoS в хостинге – по обе стороны баррикад (RU)

HightLood++ 2016, Moscow
7,8 November 2016
Slides here.

NLNOG 2015 – Job Snijders – Ultra fast DDoS detection & mitigation at ColoClue (EN), Amsterdam
18 September 2015
Slides here.

Vicente De Luca Detecting and Mitigating DDoS A FastNetMon Use Case (EN), Bucharest, Romania
16-20 November 2015
Slides here

Pavel Odintsov FastNetMon – Open Source DDoS Mitigation Toolkit (EN), Bucharest, Romania
16-20 November 2015
Slides here

ENOG 9: FastNetMon – Open Source Toolkit for DDoS Attack Mitigation – Pavel Odintsov (EN), Kazan, Russia
9-10 June, 2015
Slides here

ENOG 9: FastNetMon – инструмент для выявления DDoS атак – Павел Одинцов (RU), Kazan, Russia
9-10 June, 2015
Slides here

NANOG-66 (EN), San Diego, CA
8-10 February, 2016
Please, see it from 52 minute.
Slides here

Wataru Ishida GoBGP Yet Another OSS BGPD (EN), Bucharest, Romania
16-20 November 2015
Sliders here

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