A Guide to FastNetMon's Advanced Features

Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS) remain one of the most significant cybersecurity threats posed to businesses today. This is particularly true as DDoS attacks are now typically accompanied by at least one other threat, further increasing risk to your operations.

Defending against DDoS relies on having a fast, reliable detection mechanism, capable of identifying malicious traffic quickly and accurately. That’s where FastNetMon can assist.

More than just another IP blacklisting solution, FastNetMon offers a range of advanced features that will help your business protect against current and future threats. Here’s why you should consider deploying FastNetMon.

Super-simple software based protection

Sometimes simplicity is an invaluable asset. FastNetMon can be installed in a Docker container or as a VMware virtual machine, integrating neatly with your existing environment. 

This software-based approach means that you can deploy and configure your initial FastNetMon instance in as little as 40 minutes. Your organisation could be benefitting from ultra-fast, accurate DDoS detection and mitigation in less than one business day.

Importantly, FastNetMon can be installed on any server or VM – so there is no need to purchase a costly, proprietary hardware device. Which is great news if your data centre has already run out of rack capacity.

High availability configuration options

Protecting high availability systems against DDoS attacks is a strategic imperative. By definition, these systems must be available at all times.

Because of its unlimited scalability, FastNetMon provides enhanced protection for HA environments. To increase detection and mitigation speeds, simply add additional clustered servers as required. This scalability ensures that you can increase your DDoS detection capacity quickly and easily to protect your expanding HA estate.

Fully extensible

FastNetMon is not a magic black box where all DDoS detection capabilities are hidden in a proprietary hardware device. Our system not only integrates neatly with your existing infrastructure, we also encourage you to extend it as required.

To this end, FastNetMon includes several development features including a full API along with support for hook scripts and filter scripts. Configurations and attack details are stored in a developer friendly JSON database, offering potential to read and use FastNetMon data in your other security tools.

Cloud analytics

The cloud plays an integral role in most organisations’ digital transformation plans. The option of infinite scalability on a pay-as-you-use basis solves many of the headaches associated with infrastructure planning.

However, platforms like AWS and Google Cloud offer limited traffic monitoring and visibility capabilities. Available as a one-click install for both cloud platforms, FastNetMon can ‘open the box’ allowing you to identify problems and bottlenecks and how to fix them.

Once deployed, FastNetMon detects incoming traffic for each instance, and assesses which instances/networks are becoming overloaded. Granular reporting allows you to drill-down to see which countries or autonomous systems are creating excessive amounts of traffic. This data can be used to support strategic decision making, such as deciding whether to move specific components from your cloud to content delivery networks to improve load balancing.

And of course, FastNetMon also provides DDoS detection and mitigation for your cloud-based assets too.

Embedded device options

Although the most common deployment method is via containers or virtual machines, FastNetMon also supports embedded computing devices. Typically reserved for testing and proof of concept purposes, FastNetMon can run on ARM64 chipsets.

This means that any ARM64 device capable of running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS can become a FastNetMon node, such as the RockPro64, ESPRESSObin or Raspberry Pi. ARM64 support is still experimental, but it offers a low-cost option for developers and network engineers to build and test functionality without taking resources away from line-of-business operations.

Building for the future

FastNetMon is being constantly refined and improved to meet the changing nature of DDoS attacks. And the advanced features we have outlined here will prove invaluable for any business that is serious about increasing resilience and quality of service for their users and customers.

To learn more about FastNetMon’s advanced features, contact us to arrange a free 30-day trial.

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