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It may be tempting to think of DDoS detection and mitigation as being an enterprise-only requirement. But as 40% of all cybersecurity events are now caused by distributed denial of service attacks, all businesses are at risk of disruption.

As a result, all small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) begin reviewing their DDoS strategies to cope with this increasing threat. And part of those considerations will include selecting a detection and mitigation toolset to assist.

So why should your SME consider FastNetMon for DDoS protection?

Enterprise-class protection for all

Whether your company has 100,000 employees or 100, DDoS attacks have the same devastating consequences. They also work in exactly the same way, using excessive network traffic to overload your internet-connected systems and forcing them offline.

FastNetMon can be deployed in any setting to protect any number of assets. And it will grow as you do. Which means that your business is fully protected against DDoS attacks as you scale. It also explains why FastNetMon is the DDoS protection tool of choice for companies of all sizes.

Fast and automated

Once implemented, FastNetMon will continue to operate unattended and unnoticed. When a potential attack is detected, pre-configured rules will automate your response too, blocking or redirecting malicious traffic as appropriate.

This relieves the burden on SME IT, allowing resources to be deployed where they can be most effective. And because FastNetMon can detect and mitigate attacks in as little as two seconds, it is also considerably faster than trying to manage a DDoS attack manually.

All the help and advice you need

Mitigating a DDoS attack is a specialist skill – one that many SMEs lack – leading to incomplete or unsatisfactory mitigation efforts. FastNetMon provide comprehensive support to all their customers, helping to plug these skills gaps and ensuring an appropriate response to any event. 

The FastNetMon support team is fully qualified and experienced, ready to assist with any DDoS query. We’re always available to help our customers, no matter how big or small they may be.

Quick and simple to deploy

Unlike other DDoS mitigation technologies, FastNetMon does not require any specialist hardware or non-standard configuration work, helping to reduce total cost of ownership. In fact, the system will drop into your existing infrastructure – installation and configuration takes just 40 minutes on average. Which means you can have enterprise-grade DDoS protection for all your networked assets in less than an hour.

Rapid deployment reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) – and boosts return on investment, making FastNetMon a sensible investment for SMEs.

Native vendor support

To further reduce TCO, your DDoS mitigation solution needs to be compatible with your existing network hardware. FastNetMon offers full vendor compatibility for a wide range of devices including Cisco, Juniper, Dell, HP, D-Link, Fortinet, Nokia, Nvidia, Huawei, ZTE, Mikrotik, Ubiquiti, and more.

Contact our support team if you don’t see your device listed – we probably do support it.

Future ready technology

As an SME, your IT needs may be relatively simple at present – but that will not always be the case. As we have already said, FastNetMon can scale automatically as your network grows. However, a selection of powerful developer tools allow you to extend and enhance functionality as needs change.

With the FastNetMon developer tools you can configure your unique attack profile via REST JSON API, callback scripts, and webhooks. The system also supports Graphite, Clickhouse, and InfluxDB, with optional Kafka support to cover most needs.

SME friendly pricing

Obviously SMEs have fewer resource demands than an enterprise competitor – and FastNetMon pricing reflects this reality. There are a range of pricing tiers available to ensure even the smallest businesses can afford fast, effective, reliable DDoS detection and mitigation safeguards.

You can find out more about our SME friendly pricing plans here.

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