FastNetMon Advanced visual traffic


In this reference we will describe details about traffic visualization solution based on Grafana technology. It can expose total bandwidth, per host bandwidth, per network bandwidth and arbitrary traffic reports from traffic persistency database (peering reports, per prefix reports).

System requirements

First of all, you should have working instance of FastNetMon.

Install steps

For installing graphic stack we use special flag from FastNetMon’s installer.

wget http://install.fastnetmon.com/installer -Oinstaller
sudo chmod +x installer
sudo ./installer -install_graphic_stack

Please carefully read output of installer tool and remember passwords for Grafana.

Configure FastNetMon to use external InfluxDB instance

Please start fcli configuration tool:

sudo fcli

And execute following commands:

set main influxdb_database fastnetmon 
set main influxdb_host 
set main influxdb_port 8086 
set main influxdb_push_period 1 
set main influxdb enable

After this setting, you could see data on your graphics. Below you could find few example dashboards with test data.

FastNetMon Advanced visual traffic
FastNetMon Advanced visual traffic
FastNetMon Advanced visual traffic
FastNetMon Advanced visual traffic

Also, we suggest using this guide and setup DDoS alerts in Grafana.

For high availability and redundancy FastNetMon has support for InfluxDB export over Kafka queue engine, please check this guide for details

As an alternative solution, you could consider ClickHouse as metrics storage.