Traffic Metrics in ClickHouse

As an alternative to InfluxDB you could store traffic metrics in ClickHouse. I suggest using this guide to setup Clickhouse

Please upgrade to FastNetMon 2.0.65 before starting this guide. We made number of changes in CH export.

Enable metrics export to Clickhouse:

sudo fcli set main clickhouse_metrics enable
sudo fcli commit

In deep cooperation with community we offer following dashboards:

  • Top 10 hosts by load link
  • Per network traffic link
  • Total traffic link
  • Traffic for specified host link
  • Traffic for specified network link

Also, you could use such query in clickhouse-client tool to retrieve data:

select host, packets_incoming from fastnetmon.host_metrics where metricDate == today() AND metricDateTime >= now() - 5 order by packets_incoming desc limit 10;

Clickhouse does not have capability to remove old data automatically, you can use our script for this task.