In addition to MongoDB FastNetMon Advanced has complete support for FerretDB which has following advantages over MongoDB:

  • Easy upgrade (no need to upgrade to intermediate major versions)
  • Easy maintenance (just single binary)
  • Truly free Apache 2 open source license instead of proprietary SSPL
  • Transparent and community focused development model

To migrate existing installation from MongoDB to FerretDB you need to export FastNetMon configuration using configuration export / import capability.

This option is supported by FastNetMon starting from 2.0.182 and if you run older version you will need to upgrade at least to 2.0.182.

After that please make full configuration backup:

sudo fcli export_configuration fastnetmon_backup_to_ferretdb_migration.tar

Then you need to stop MongoDB and disable automatic start for it:

sudo systemctl stop mongod.service
sudo systemctl disable mongod.service 

Then install FerretDB:

wget -Oinstaller
sudo chmod +x installer
sudo ./installer -ferretdb_only

Then check that FerretDB is running:

sudo netstat -lnpt|grep ferret
tcp6       0      0 ::1:27017               :::*                    LISTEN      5232/ferretdb       
tcp6       0      0 ::1:8089                :::*                    LISTEN      5232/ferretdb 

After that you will need to upgrade FastNetMon to latest version which has native support for FerretDB as older versions will not work with it.

After finishing upgrade check that fcli can reach FerretDB:

sudo fcli show main enable_ban

And then check that FastNetMon daemon is working fine with standard configuration:

sudo fcli commit

Then please wait ~60 seconds and check following command to confirm that FastNetMon daemon is running fine:

sudo fcli show license
Production license for 10000 mbits valid until 2024-06-12

After that remove default configuration created by FerretDB installer:

sudo fcli create_configuration
sudo fcli delete hostgroup global

And import previously saved configuration from MongoDB:

sudo fcli import_configuration fastnetmon_backup_to_ferretdb_migration.tar

And apply configuration:

sudo fcli commit

After that I can recommend doing DDoS drill to ensure that everything works correctly after migration.

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