Huawei routers configuration with FastNetMon Advanced

This guide describes required configuration steps for Huawei NE40E-M2H.

In this guide we use sampling rate 1000 and it works with if you have 1G-10G of bandwidth. If you have more, please adjust this option for your case.

You need to apply following global configuration options:

ip netstream timeout active 1
ip netstream timeout inactive 60
ip netstream export version 9
ip netstream export template timeout-rate 1
ip netstream export source YOUR_ROUTER_IP
ip netstream export host FASTNETMON_IP 2055
ip netstream export template option sampler

For each interface where you need Netstream protocol enabled, please do following:

ip netstream inbound
ip netstream outbound
ip netstream sampler fix-packets 1000 inbound
ip netstream sampler fix-packets 1000 outbound

Also, please configure slot sampler configuration this way:

ip netstream sampler to slot self

On FastNetMon’s side please explicitly specify sampling rate:

sudo fcli set main netflow_sampling_ratio 1000

And specify timeouts:

sudo fcli set average_calculation_time 60
sudo fcli set average_calculation_time_for_subnets 60
sudo fcli set main average_calculation_time_for_hostgroups 60
sudo fcli commit