Migration from Community edition to Advanced

We offer migration tool which can convert your configuration for FastNetMon community to format suitable for FastNetMon Advanced.

Please download tool from this URL. Then, please check sha1 checksum for it: fd4b7a2a61320111d1148e14e76d1508ad53e0da

Set executable bit:

sudo chmod +x advanced_migrator

Put fastnetmon.conf into current folder:

cp /etc/fastnetmon.conf .

Run conversion tool:


Conversion tool will print list of commands to run on machine with Advanced edition to configure it exactly the same way as community edition.

After that, please add all networks to advanced configuration:

 for i in `cat  /etc/networks_list`; do sudo fcli set main networks_list $i;done

And do same for /etc/networks_whitelist:

 for i in `cat  /etc/networks_whitelist`; do sudo fcli set main networks_whitelist $i;done

If it does not work as expected, we suggest contacting our support team for additional configuration review.