In addition to official Grafana dashboards you we have multiple web UI interfaces created by our partners and our community

FastNetMon WebUI

FastNetMon WebUI by Pumtrix Technologies licensed under the terms of open source GPLv3 license.

Main screen:

Data centre management:

Instance configuration:

Hostgroup configuration:

FastNetMon Manager

FastNetMon Manager by MKE Solutions licensed under the terms of commercial license.

Main screen:

Networks list management:

BGP configuration:

Host group configuration:

Ban / blackhole management:

Attack reports:


This web UI was created by PirminS and available at GitHub

Login screen
Welcome screen
Network list management
Active flow spec rules
Flow spec rules management

FNM Watui

This interface combines capabilities provided by fsgui and Webui in single product.


Flow spec rules:



Login page:


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