FastNetMon and ExaBGP integration

FastNetMon could enable/disable announce of blackholed IPs (/32) to BGP core router (Cisco, Juniper, Quagga, Bird, Extreme, Brocade). This feature implemented with ExaBGP toolkit.

If you want to use this capability, please set following params in /etc/fastnetmon.conf and tune they to values suitable in your network:

Secondly, you should install, configure and run ExaBGP toolkit.

Install ExaBGP 3:

All our instructions suitable only for ExaBGP 3.

Install socat (if you do not have socat for your platform, please check this manual):

Create example configuration:

Example here (please fix this configuration to your network):

Run ExaBGP:

Don’t be puzzled by ExaBGP’s output like this one:

It just warning, not an error message. ExaBGP will start in background.

You can get more details about it from log file:

You could read my articles about ExaBGP configuration too: first and second