InfluxDB integration for FastNetMon Community

For FastNetMon Advanced please use this guide.

InfluxDB is a very fast time series database written in Go language.

To start with this guide, please install InfluxDB from these binary packages.

Then you need to create database using influx tool:

create database fastnetmon

To enable metrics export to InfluxDB you need to enable following options in /etc/fastnetmon.conf:

influxdb = on
influxdb_host =
influxdb_port = 8086
influxdb_database = fastnetmon

# InfluxDB auth
influxdb_auth = off
influxdb_user = fastnetmon
influxdb_password = secure

And restart InfluxDB and FastNetMon:

sudo systemctl restart influxdb
sudo systemctl restart fastnetmon

Then you could install Grafana and try our nice predefined dashboards for FastNetMon

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