InfluxDB integration

InfluxDB is a very fast time series database written in awesome Go language. You could find some performance tests for InfluxDB and Graphite here.

You could install InfluxDB from binary packages.

For Debian 8 Jessie I could offer part of this manual here: Recommended version: >=0.9.4 with support for graphite/batch

Then we should enable graphite protocol emulation in configuration file: /etc/opt/influxdb/influxdb.conf As well enable batch for avoid metric loss under load, and add templates for converting graphite metrics to InfluxDB measurements, with its proper tags.

And disable Graphite daemons if you use they before:

And start InfluxDB:

You will got web frontend on 8083 port and query API interface on 8086.

Then we need fix some parts of /etc/fastnetmon.conf configuration file:

And apply changes to configuration file:

Finally you could query data from InfluxDB with CLI tool /opt/influxdb/influx:

Or you could install Grafana and make awesome Dashboard 😉