FastNetMon Advanced manual install process


In this guide we will provide detailed process for installing FastNetMon manually. You may need it when your run FastNetMon in non standard environment or use cloud provisioning. In other cases, please use installer tool.


We support this guide only for Ubuntu 18.04

Install process

First of all, we will need https support for APT because FastNetMon’s repository secured using this protocol:

After that, please sync time. Our license server relies on accurate time and SSL certificate validation can fail in case of inaccurate time or date.

Add FastNetMon’s repository:

Put this content into file fastnetmon.key:

Add key trust storage:

Install FastNetMon:

FastNetMon will fail because you do not have MongoDB.

MongoDB installation

If you use Docker you may use standard images with MongoDB. Otherwise, you can install it manually.

We use version 4.0 for Ubuntu 18.04. You can follow official guide or you can follow our own guide.

Add Mongo repository:

Add Mongo gpg key:

Install MongoDB:

Load MongoDB:

Create users in MongoDB.

NB! Please replace “<secret_password>” and “<fastnetmon_secure_pasword>” by secure passwords with at least 16 symbols.

Open MongoDB console:

Create administrator:

Open MongoDB configuration:

And near commented line “security” add (it enabled authorization):

Apply changes:

Create folder for FastNetMon’s passwords:

And after that put administrator’s password into this file:

Login into MongoDB as administrator:

Create user for FastNetMon:

Store password for user in file:

Apply changes:

Confirm that you can login into MongoDB using user credentials:

Specify MongoDB access credentials for FastNetMon (you do not need it for localhost case but you have to specify remote server when you use it):

Default configuration:

Create default configuration:

Restart FastNetMon:

Confirm that FastNetMon is running properly: