Advanced Install guide

Order license

Please request trial license before starting install process here: order trial


As result of this guide you could got working FastNetMon instance and got basic knowledge about toolkit internals.

System requirements

FastNetMon could work on bare physical server or you could use any full virtualization technologies (KVM, Vmware, Amazon, Azure). That’s sad but it could not work on Docker or OpenVZ yet.

We are working only on Ubuntu Linux 14.04 x86_64.

From system side we need at least 1Gb of RAM and 2 physical cores (because we need to use one kernel for hot-path processing of packets).

From disk side I’d like to recommend SSD drives because they are reliable and very fast for time series database. Required amount of disk space is depends on number of hosts in your network. But 50GB will be OK for first time.

If you could use ext4 on your server it could simplify debugging of I/O related issues.

You need to have least one external (globally routable) IPv4 address assigned to your test server. It’s mandatory because we are using IP as part of license generation / validation process.

And you need to have strong network connectivity to following hosts: license.fastnetmon.com, repo.fastnetmon.com and install.fastnetmon.com.

If you are interested in traffic capture from the mirrored port we have additional requirements to hardware:

  • Intel only based NIC based on I350 or X-520 (Intel 82599 chipset) NIC family
  • 2 additional CPU cores for 1GE port and 4 cores for 10GE port
  • 1 additional 1GE+ interface for management purposes
  • Linux 3.19 kernel only (more recent versions are not working with our drivers)

Install steps

Please prepare freshly installed server or VM which follow requirements mentioned in document “FastNetMon system requirements”.

Then please login with ssh and run following commands:

Install script could ask about about support for SPAN: “Do you need support for SPAN or mirror port capture? Please enter ‘yes’ or ‘no’ with following enter”. If you need please answer “yes” and enter “no” in other case.

After installer script startup it’ll create log file and print his name: “/tmp/fastnetmon_install_xxxx.log”. In case of error you’ll need it for case investigation.

In case of success installer will print: “Install successfully completed”.

After successful install please reboot your server if you have installed mirror- enabled version. For NetFlow/sFlow only version just logout and login again (it’s required for loading changes in profile file).

Next steps

For initial configuration of FastNetMon for your network please read FastNetMon Advanced quick start after this guide.