FastNetMon Advanced licensing server

If you’re looking for details about FastNetMon’s license server implementation you found best source.

When you install FastNetMon forĀ  the first time it uses your external and internal IPs (if use NAT) and information about hardware to generate license.

It uses following hardware details:

  • CPU model
  • Memory amount
  • Number of logical CPUs

If you change any of these hardware options FastNetMon *can* issue new license automatically (you need to have active Internet connection) for three times. After this limit, it will block your license and you will need to contact with our support.

If you thinking about changing external or internal IP address, please create ticket to our support team before making any actions. Any IP relate changes will affect license allocation process.

For monitoring reasons, FastNetMon sends following information to license server:

  • Current incoming speed
  • Current outgoing speed
  • Number of hosts in network
  • Version of FastNetMon
  • Enabled plugins (af_packet, sflow, netflow)
  • Time required for speed calculation

FastNetMon does not send any pcap dumps, hosts in your network or any other sensitive information to our servers.