FastNetMon Advanced has complete support for both Netflow v9 and IPFIX telemetry protocols provided by Nokia SR. For all new deployments we recommend using IPFIX protocol.

If you’re looking for options to detect attacks in 1-3 seconds please check alternative traffic capture protocol supported by Nokia.

To enable IPFIX support on Nokia SR we can provide following example configuration:

admin-state enable
export-mode automatic
inband-collector-export-only false
overflow 1
template-retransmit 60
use-vrtr-if-index false
active-flow-timeout 15
inactive-flow-timeout 15

sample-profile 1 {
    sample-rate 1000

collector port 2055 {
    admin-state enable
    description "FastnetMon"
    autonomous-system-type origin
    router-instance "Base"
    template-set basic
    version 10

On FastNetMon’s side you may specify sampling rate if needed using this guide:

sudo fcli set main netflow_sampling_ratio 1000
sudo fcli set main netflow_custom_sampling_ratio_enable enable
sudo fcli commit

And specify average calculation time value:

sudo fcli set main average_calculation_time 30
sudo fcli commit

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